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Favre denies he's out for revenge Monday when he faces Packers

Brett Favre denies what a couple of his former teammates said this week, that he's out for revenge when he and the Minnesota Vikings play his old Green Bay Packers on Monday night.

Antonio Freeman, who caught one of Favre's touchdown passes to win Super Bowl 31, said the former Packers' quarterback joined the Vikings only for Monday's game.

And ex-teammate Leroy Butler said that if Favre won it, he wouldn't care if he lost the next six.

But with a calm demeanor, Favre said Thursday that Week 4 is no different than Week 4 of last year when he was with the New York Jets.

And he downplayed what he told Sports Illustrated's Peter King a year ago - when he admitted he unretired to be "sticking it" to Packers' GM Ted Thompson.

Favre said it was only part of his conversation with King and at his stage in his career, it's too long of a season to single out one game for revenge.

Back in Green Bay, Packer defensive players were busy studying Favre's moves. And quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn't mention Favre by name, saying Monday night is an important division game to win above anything.