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Hatfield man gets life in prison for killing ex-wife, claiming she was missing

A west central Wisconsin man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing his ex-wife, and claiming she was missing while hundreds of people spent a week searching for her.

A Jackson County circuit judge agreed to let Doug Sidie, 40, of Hatfield be eligible for supervised release when he's 75.

That's five years later than what District Attorney Gerald Fox had recommended. Defense lawyer John Brinckman says he'll appeal the sentence.

Sidie pleaded guilty to first-degree intentional homicide. Ten other charges were dropped in a plea deal.

Sidie shot his ex-wife Alicia, 27, last November outside the house they shared with their twin sons, and then hid her body in a wooded area.

He told investigators she was missing, and joined in a massive search before admitting eight days later that he killed her.

Sidie wept as he spoke to the family in court Tuesday.

Several of Alicia's relatives left the courtroom as Doug Sidie's relatives spoke. And the judge had to tell both families to keep their emotions in check.