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Soldier killed at Fort Hood honored tonight at Milwaukee school

A Racine County soldier killed in the Fort Hood massacre will be honored tonight at a college in Milwaukee where he used to teach.

Bryant and Stratton College is holding a candle-light vigil for Russell Seager, 51, of Mount Pleasant. He started teaching there in May of 2005 in the nursing and medical assistant programs.

Seager was training to go to Afghanistan when he and 12 other soldiers were shot to death a week ago at Fort Hood's processing center.

The college says it will rename a medical assistant classroom for Seager and they'll create a new scholarship in his name.

Also, Seager's name came up a number of times at the Veterans' Day ceremony at the Wisconsin Veterans' Home near Union Grove in Racine County.

Doug Martindale of Elkhorn, a veteran of three wars, told a reporter that a military base is presumed to be the safest place in the world, but not now.