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Milwaukee's police chief and the UW-M chancellor join forces to fight crime near campus

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor Carlos Santiago will meet soon to talk about crime-fighting efforts near the campus.

Santiago says the campus itself is "extraordinarily safe," but safety needs to improve on the streets next to the school.

According to police statistics, overall crime in that area has dropped by almost 6 percent over the past year.

But UW-M spokesman Tom Luljak said there's been a spike of incidents lately and it's got school officials concerned.

There were two muggings and an attempted armed robbery near the school early Tuesday.

That apparently included the nationally-publicized incident in which four robbers held a gun to a man who was walking home from work and let him go unharmed once they saw he was enlisted in the Army.

Police said no one has been arrested in Tuesday's crimes.

The soldier lost only his keys.

The head of a neighborhood association says long-time residents believe the area has become less stable, as more homes have turned into rental units.