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Statue of Jesus vandalized at Hudson's Carmelite Monastery

A vandal or vandals damaged the Jesus statue in front of Hudson's Carmelite Monastery, 430 Laurel Ave., late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, July 28 or 29.

The most severe damage was the broken right arm of the metal statue. Vandals also pushed the statue over, breaking the cement base that holds the statue in place.

"We're very disappointed," said Carmelite nun Sister Lucia. "We felt very hurt. We would hope that people have more consideration for other people's property and respect for religious articles."

The statue, approximately 6 feet high, was a gift to the monastery by Superior Diocese Bishop George Hammes in 1967.

The Carmelite Monastery has been in Hudson since 1963, and Sister Lucia has been here for 40 years. She said the statue was tipped over about six years ago but was unharmed. She expects insurance will cover most of the damage in the recent vandalism incident. But, the cash-strapped operation will have to come up with the deductible payment.

"A neighbor said she heard some noise between 1 or 2 a.m. Thursday," Sister Lucia said. "But we have no real leads. The police are investigating."

She added that noise at that time of the night is not uncommon as downtown bars close.

"We will probably explore some way to make the statue more secure after it is repaired this time," Sister Lucia said.

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