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City Council approves $2.1 million of capital spending

The Hudson City Council approved more than $2.1 million worth of capital projects in 2004 when it met Monday evening.

The good news is that for the second year in a row, the city won't have to issue general obligation bonds to pay for the street projects, utility improvements, equipment and building repairs.

Mayor Jack Breault said it's "unheard of" for a city to be able to undertake the projects that Hudson will this year without having to borrow money.

The city's undesignated fund balance grew to $1,361,177 at the end of 2003, thanks to revenue of $112,981 more than was anticipated for the year, expenditures of $231,609 less than were budgeted and the sale of $150,000 worth of property to St. Croix Business Park.

The 2004 capital expenditures the City Council authorized included:

  • Additional First Street parking, $210,000;

  • Hanley Road storm sewer, $100,000;

  • Skid loader, $30,000;

  • New fire truck, $400,000;

  • Street overlaying and seal-coating (including repairs to Frear Street), $62,500;

  • Curb and sidewalk replacement, $100,000;

  • Proehl's Trail resurfacing, $90,000;

  • Unfunded 2002-03 traffic signal projects, $118,366;

  • Carmichael and Hanley traffic signals, $126,000;

  • City Hall cupola repair, $10,000;

  • City Hall doors, $10,000;

  • Carmichael Road walkways, $70,000;

  • Carmichael Road right turn lane at Vine Sreet/UU, $50,000;

  • Weitkamp Park development, $50,000;

  • City comprehensive plan, $50,000;

  • Construction of a new street (Willis Miller Drive) in St. Croix Business Park, $650,000; and

  • Contingencies, $50,000.

    Funds for construction of the new street in St. Croix Business Park and new traffic signals at Carmichael and Hanley roads will come from Tax Incremental District revenue and construction funds.

    The city plans to lease the fire truck, paying for it over a 10-year period. Also, the town of Hudson and village of North Hudson will share in the expense, paying approximately 40 percent of the annual lease payment of $40,000.

    Funding for the Hanley Road storm sewer will come from impact fees. The money to add parking spaces to First Street will come from meter revenue and parking fines. The expense of walkways on the east side of Carmichael Road in front of Hudson Middle and Prairie Elementary schools may be assessed to the school district.

    The city plans to use $375,500 of undesignated funds and $84,500 from the 2004 budget to pay for the remaining projects.

    The repair of Frear Street curbing and storm sewer, plus the resurfacing of the street, was added to the list of capital projects Monday evening. Breault noted that the street, which runs on the north side of Newton Field, hasn't received much attention since it was constructed around 30 years ago.

    Aldermen Paul Radermacher and Dennis O'Connell recommended that the city install a left-turn lane on northbound Carmichael at Vine/UU as well as a right-turn lane there. Breault said part of the contingency fund could be used to add the left-turn lane if it is feasible.

  • Randy Hanson

    Randy Hanson has reported for the Star-Observer since 1997. He came to Hudson after 11 years with the Inter-County Leader at Frederic, and eight years of teaching social studies. He’s a graduate of UW-Eau Claire.

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