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Board takes stand against TABOR

St. Croix County Board members voted last week to oppose proposals that would amend the state constitution to add formulas to limit annual spending increases for all levels of state government.

Finance Committee Chairman Ralph Swenson said the resolution offered by the Wisconsin Counties Association and adopted by the St. Croix County Board, makes four main points:

  • There should be a thorough public discussion of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights proposal to ensure taxpayers understand it.

  • All governmental entities should have the ability to take whatever formula is suggested and make fiscal models to see what the impact would had been if such a formula had been in place in earlier years.

  • The Legislature should not use constitutional amendments to make fiscal policy.

  • Any constitutional amendment that addresses government spending should include language requiring the state to fully fund any program it mandates.

    A TABOR amendment would be fully debated in public before a vote, said Supervisor Chuck Struemke, River Falls, who objected to the county resolution.

    If the state waits until all the requirements in the resolution are met, a Wisconsin TABOR will never be adopted, said Struemke. He said the fully funded mandate requirement would also guarantee there will be no TABOR.

    The resolution was adopted on a voice vote.

    For other business, please see page 10A of the May 27 Star-Observer.

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