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Gornick injured in electrical accident

John P. Gornick of Hudson was severely burned after he was hit by an electrical charge while installing a utility pole in the Twin Cities last Thursday.

Gornick, an electrician, suffered third-degree burns over 50 percent of his body including some fourth-degree burns on his feet. He is being treated in the burn unit at Hennepin County Medical Center. His arms, legs and feet sustained the most damage. His face was not burned.

According to a family spokesperson, Gornick was in a bucket working on the pole when the charge struck him, entering his arm and exiting through his feet. Because it was raining at the time, Gornick was wet when struck, causing the current to travel more quickly than normal through his body. Doctors say that fact saved Gornick from more severe internal injuries.

Gornick, a 1987 graduate of Hudson High School, is expected to spend the next four to eight weeks in the hospital. Gornick's wife, Megan, is a teacher at Houlton Elementary School. The couple have two children, Grady, 8, and Griffin, 3. Gornick is the son of Susan Gornick of Hudson and the late John Gornick. Gornick's siblings along with members of his wife's family have flown in from around the country to be with the family.

To check on his condition, people are asked to use a Web site that will be updated daily. That address is A fund is also being set up to help the family offset expenses while Gornick recovers. For more information or to make a donation, contact First National Bank at (715) 386-5511.

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