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Chief says officers 'overreacted'

In a letter to Curt Weese and Marion Shaw, Hudson Police Chief Richard Trende said there was no basis for removing the two men from a school board meeting in June.

At their request, Trende investigated a complaint by the two men that alleged inappropriate conduct by two HPD officers at the June 14 meeting. Both men were removed from the meeting by the officers.

In the letter, Trende said his investigation of what happened that night indicated that school board president Annette Cook asked to have Shaw removed from the podium and taken back to his seat in the audience, not removed from the meeting. He also said there was no reason to remove Weese from the meeting.

Trende went on to say the "responding officers concluded that no arrests or charges were appropriate ... Our officers did what they thought they needed to do to diffuse a tense, potentially volatile situation, fueled by policy differences, by escorting Mr. Shaw and Mr. Weese from the meeting room. It appears that in doing so they overreacted."

Trende said he could not comment on any specific action taken by the department with regard to the individual officers involved. Trende said the school liaison officer has been instructed not to attend school board meetings unless it relates to his duties with the school. The current school liaison officer is Mark Crimmins, husband to school board member Cindy Crimmins. Since officer Crimmins was also at the meeting in question, Trende said there was "an appearance that the city/police department is taking a position on board of education policy issues. It is not. The department has taken corrective action to ensure that his appearance does not repeat itself."

Weese and Shaw asked for a public apology from the police department and the city at last week's City Council meeting.

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