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Nearly 400 acres rezoned for housing

The St. Croix County Board voted last week to rezone over 380 acres for residential development.

The rezonings involve nearly 272 acres in the town of Troy and 84 acres in the town of Somerset. Those parcels were rezoned from Agriculture to Agriculture-Residential.

The Troy land, which is one development, is adjacent property on the east edge of the town. It includes about 232 acres owned by the Martha Rohl Family Trust and 40 acres owned by Ray Galep.

Other land rezoned from Agriculture to Ag-Residential is: 83.7 acres owned by John Hilsen in the town of Somerset, 20 acres owned by the Roger and June Lindquist Family Limited Partnership in the town of Rush River and 5.5 acres owned by Scott Owens in the town of Pleasant Valley.

In other action, the board rezoned two parcels to facilitate a transfer of property. Nearly two acres owned by Dale and Deborah Wikre were rezoned from Ag-Residential to Conservancy and about a fifth of an acre owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was rezoned from Conservancy to Ag-Residential. Both parcels are in Section 28 of the town of Somerset.

Sand sale

In other action, the board endorsed a plan to sell sand from the county farm to contractors working on the Hwy. 64 expressway project near New Richmond.

The Finance Committee recommended that the county charge 75 cents a cubic yard for "clean sand" and 30 cents a cubic yard for "dirty sand."

If contractors want both types of material, about 50 acres of land would be disturbed. The land will be restored to tillable condition once the sand is removed.