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Sheriff outlines Hudson standoff with suicidal teen

A police standoff with a suicidal teen in Hudson Tuesday afternoon and night ended peacefully, with neither the teen nor police officers injured. But there were several tense moments during the 13-hour standoff, that included at least 10 rounds fired by the teen in the home in which he barricaded himself.

Sheriff Dennis Hillstead said the incident started at noon Tuesday and ended close to 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Agencies responding to the incident included up to 30 people from St. Croix County (deputies, traffic, containment and negotiating personnel), eight deputies from Pierce County, Hudson Police Department (traffic control), Hudson Fire Department (traffic control) and a Union Pacific Railroad detective.

"It was a very expensive operation," Hillstead said. "There was a lot of overtime."

He did not yet have a final estimate on the cost.

Hillstead said the incident ended at about 1 a.m. Wednesday when the 16-year-old boy finally came out of the attic in a home on highway 12, just south of the Nor Lake plant in the town of Hudson. The incident began at noon Tuesday.

"The young man was a run-away from a few days ago," Hillstead said. "He left home and stole a pistol and made threats against his life and any officers that would come after him. We've been on the lookout for a few days."

It turns out that the juvenile was being hidden in the closet in the home of his girl friend, the home where the incident began. Earlier in the day the father of the girl found out about it and told the girl she could not see the juvenile male. The male left the home, but returned with the gun.

"He came back and threatened to kill himself," Hillstead said. "The girls father called our department and we responded at about noon Tuesday.

"When the deputies arrived, the juvenile came out of the house and had the gun pointed at his head."

In the meantime, the father and girl left the home. The juvenile made some remarks to the deputies when they arrived and retreated back into the home - the standoff began.

Hillstead said authorities were in communication with the teen by cell phone and text messaging.

"At about 8 p.m. the messages stopped. By then he had already fired about six rounds in the house and we determined we needed to enter the property," Hillstead said. "We introduced a chemical agent and waited.

"We then intercepted a text message to someone else, so we knew he was still alert. We introduced more chemical agents and waited."

At about midnight, a team entered the low level of the home. Once that level was cleared, the team made it to the second level. It was there that deputies found a crawl space that leads to an attic.

"We made verbal contact at that point," Hillstead said. "He fire four more rounds, but not at officers. We introduced another chemical agent into the attic and about 45 minutes later he tossed out his pistol from the attic and exited."

The teen was then decontaminated, examined at Hudson Hospital and sent to the juvenile detention center in Eau Claire. He was scheduled for a court appearance Wednesday, Nov. 15.