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Supervisors prepare to set new goals

As the St. Croix County Board prepares for its 2007 goal-setting session, the plan is to have fewer and more specific goals, said River Falls Supervisor Tom Caflisch.

Caflisch briefed other supervisors on behalf of the Administration Committee during the January County Board meeting last week.

In previous years supervisors have set as many as 15 goals. Progress on some of the goals - such as optical imaging or the nursing home - is clear.

But, said Caflisch, "We never know what happens to the other goals.

This past year, committees were asked to make regular updates on the goals that fell within their areas.

This year, said Caflisch, the Administration Committee is proposing holding the goal-setting session on the afternoon of the April County Board meeting.

Supervisors will start by reviewing goals set in 2006.

"We've accomplished a lot," said Caflisch, saying that although some goals haven't been fully achieved, progress has been made.

The five priority issues previously identified by board members are:

  • Deal with fiscal issues.
  • Communications, operations and administration.
  • County land management issues.
  • Deal with (state and federal) mandates.
  • Private land use issues.

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