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Neighbors offer input on county land

About 50 people joined an exercise last week to offer their suggestions for uses for county-owned land around the St. Croix County Government Center.

Dennis Welsch, the consultant who hosted the Feb. 28 meeting, said 62 people attended. Most participated in a colored-dot exercise to show their preferred uses for quadrants of the land.

The property is at the northwest corner of Carmichael Road (County Road A) and Vine Street (County Road UU) in Hudson. About 50 acres is considered surplus, and the County Board is looking at options for its use.

Those attending also offered "three pages of 'sticky-note' comments," said Welsch.

"The thing that surprised me the most was that there was a lot of variety in what they wanted," he said.

Welsch said some people favored leaving more open space, while others supported building a library, fire station, school offices or a community center or expanding the nearby YMCA.

"It was pretty varied," said Welsch of the input.

"I was pleased that there was so much input and it was positive input."

A summary of meeting results will be posted on the county's Web site: Go to that site and click on "Government Center Plan for a Plan."

A neighborhood group prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the meeting and that will also be posted on the Web site.

Welsch said his next step will be to report to the county's Finance Committee Thursday morning and then to the County Board at its March 20 meeting.