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Vets to raise funds for North Hudson memorial

A new veterans memorial in North Hudson won't cost taxpayers a dime. That was the word from John Helgeson, a member of the village Park Board who addressed the Board of Trustees' regular meeting last Tuesday on the subject.

"The decision was reached that no tax dollars would be used for the memorial," said Helgeson. "The Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion posts serving the area have been briefed on this project and are willing to donate funds and help raise money for the project."

Helgeson, who is an active member of both the local VFW and American Legion organizations, asked the village to deposit the funds raised in an account specifically for the memorial and monitor the expenditures.

President Larry Larsen said a designated fun in the village general fund could easily be arranged, and the board quickly approved the request.

Helgeson said the memorial would include the three flags (Wisconsin, United States and POW-MIA) that currently fly in front of the Village Hall, and seals of the five branches of the Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard) attached to the wall behind the flags. An early estimate for the bronze emblems was $354 each.

"The flags are an ongoing expense. They must be replaced as they become worn," he said. "I estimate that will require $2,000."

The funds for the memorial will include the area already developed. The bill for that is about $6,000 said Trustee George Klein.

"I believe a goal of $10,000 in donations should pay off the costs to construct and maintain the current monument, purchase and add service seals and build a memorial display," Helgeson said.

He said the veterans groups propose to raise funds by selling memorial tags for donations. The tags would be placed in a display in a visible location in the Village Hall.

In other action at the March 4 meeting, the board:

  • Set its next meeting for March 25 to avoid a conflict with the spring election April 1. A re-organization is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 15, at the Village Hall.
  • Approved claims of $1,954 for December and $100,168.07 for January. President Larry Larsen said the bulk of the January payments went to construction bills for the new Village Hall.
  • Approved an ordinance removing the schedule of fees, deposits and penalties from the village code book by a 6-0 margin. Trustee Joe Cothern was absent. The move eliminated the need to rewrite a new ordinance every time a fee changed.
  • Approved an extra-territorial request by John Langfeldt for a plot of land in the town of Hudson.
  • Heard from Trustee Marc Zappa that plans for the utilization of the property the old Public Works building occupied across from the Village Hall are in the works and urged any residents with suggestions for the space to turn in their requests to the Public Works Committee.
  • Tabled approval of an agreement on the Lake Mallalieu dam.
  • Approved a five-year outdoor recreation plan for 2008-13 recommended by the Park Board. Trustee Colleen O'Brien-Berglund said the DNR requires the plan to cover five years.
  • Approved a request from John Helgeson of the Park Board to go forward and solicit funds from area veterans groups for the establishment of a veterans memorial in front of the new Village Hall entrance. Total cost of the project was estimated at $10,000.
  • Rejected a plan for the village to join other municipalities in the county and chip in for a computerized system at the 911 center that would monitor each community's warning siren. The cost was estimated at $3,500 for installation to each municipality. The board felt it was too expensive an alternative to the current system where the chief of police checks the siren personally each month.

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