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City streets scheduled for curbing, sidewalk repair

The Hudson City Council at its April 21 meeting approved the replacement of damaged sections of curbing, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps on portions of some streets.

Damaged curbing will be replaced on:

  • 11th Street South, from Wisconsin Street to Coulee Road;
  • 10th Street, from Vine to Cole streets;
  • Myrtle Street, from Second to Third streets; and
  • Second Street at Elm Street.

    Sidewalk sections will be replaced on:

  • Sixth Street, from Oak to Locust streets;
  • Seventh Street, from Wisconsin to River streets;
  • Eighth Street, from St. Croix to Vine streets;
  • Ninth Street, from Vine to St. Croix streets;
  • 10th Street, from Pitt to Fox streets;
  • Elm Street, from First to Fifth streets;
  • Locust Street, from Second to Sixth streets;
  • Walnut Street, from First to Second streets;
  • Vine Street, from Second to Wisconsin streets; and
  • Emerald Bend.

    Two Second Street pedestrian ramps, one ramp on Emerald Bend and four ramps on Myrtle Street are scheduled for replacement.

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