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Hudson School Board adopts HSD 2025

The Hudson Board of Education voted unanimously to approve HSD 2025, a new strategic plan for the school district aimed at preparing Hudson graduates to compete on a global level.

One by one, board members praised the work done by the HSD 2025 team which included representatives from the School Board, school administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents and community members. They approved the plan as presented by Brian Bell, who co-chaired the effort with Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten.

In a summary of the plan's highlights, HSD 2025 is described as "a roadmap to raising expectations and ensuring HSD graduates have an education that will give them the foundation for success in the 21st Century."

Bell said the plan, two years in the making, was formulated to address the challenges Hudson children born in 2007 would face when they graduated from the Hudson School District in 2025. "We wanted to know how to best prepare students for the high-skill world they will be facing as well as how to allocate the precious resources we have to get the best return for our students," said Bell.

A key element of the plan is a series of "Graduate Learner Outcomes" that include:

  • World languages taught from kindergarten through grade 12;
  • Life skills like personal finance, citizenship and service learning;
  • Thinking skills including problem solving, reasoning and creativity;
  • Persuasive and informative communication;
  • Entrepreneurial learning where working as a team, being innovative and resourceful, and embracing change as opportunity are key.

    With approval, the plan moves into its next phase, which involves action goals. Those goals will identify key areas where work on the plan can begin, some of which have already started in the district's SMART Goals plan and in new curriculum development plans.

    In its summary, the HSD 2025 team noted that the new plan is a process.

    "Not all of the Graduate Learner Outcomes can be implemented immediately. Administration, staff and the School Board will have to set learning and funding priorities. Implementation will involve assessment and evaluation which are critical and will allow the district flexibility to adjust to changing needs between now and the year 2025"

    Bowen-Eggebraaten told the board that the "devil is in the details" and that implementation of HSD 2025 is on a three- to five-year implementation plan that will include detailed reports to the board along the way.

    The superintendent went on to describe the plan as "landmark work" and that Hudson is the first district in this part of the state to do the work and develop a plan to prepare its students for their high-skilled, competitive future.

    Board president Dan Tjornehoj called the plan a guide to the future. "This is great stuff -- comprehensive and a good blend with the SMART goals and other work across the district. This plan is already started."

    Board member Cindy Crimmins also had high praise for the plan.

    "I am very excited about this. It has all the forward thinking I had hoped to see the district develop when I ran for School Board. These are not new values for us but more of a fresh commitment to excellence, the kind of excellence this community has been committed to since I went to school here."

    To see HSD 2025 in detail, go to the district's Web site at

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