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Gays Mills residents say they may move town

Just like Soldiers Grove did 30 years ago, flooded-out folks in Gays Mills are talking about moving the village to higher ground.

After two major floods in 10 months, many in the Crawford County village of 625 say they're ready to go.

A public meeting will be held Tuesday night to look into it.

Some folks have talked about leaving, but Village Board member Pat Brockway says the people who grew up in Gays Mills want to move the town instead of fleeing it.

Last August, the Kickapoo River crested at 19-feet, 3-inches, destroying homes and turning the downtown into a huge lake. Still, people agreed to fight it out one more time.

But that fight may have ended on Tuesday, when the Kickapoo hit a record 20-feet, 10-inches, in Gays Mills.

Congressman Ron Kind toured the damage Thursday, and said he would look into federal funds to help the town relocate.

The state's also looking into it.

Moving is not a guaranteed cure-all.

Soldiers Grove is just seven miles northeast of Gays Mills. Even on their higher ground, a few homes in Soldiers Grove got flooded this week.