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State Dems open convention today

Wisconsin Democrats will open their annual state convention in Stevens Point tonight (Friday), just one day after their presidential candidate held court in the region.

Barack Obama left Kaukauna right after his noon-time meeting on the economy Thursday.

He won't be around for the convention, so the Democrats will have to settle for Obama's biggest cheerleader in the Badger State - Gov. Jim Doyle.

It's the second straight year he'll give the keynote address.

He also gave it last year in Milwaukee. On the plus side, Democrats have a shot at winning total control of the State Capitol.

This weekend, they'll talk about strategies to win back the Assembly, to go with their dominance of the Senate and the governor's office.

Democrats need just to pick up three seats in November to win back the Assembly's majority.

At least 10 percent of the house will be new anyway, based on the number of incumbents who plan to step down.