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Three of states top universities address crime concerns

Three of Wisconsin's largest universities have had some highly-publicized crimes - causing anxiety for both students and parents.

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where the neighborhood has had a series of assaults, parents can now sign up for emergency text-message alerts.

Until now, only students, faculty and staff members got those warnings.

The school held a recent meeting for parents, where a police official said at least two emergency phones can be seen from any place on campus.

Only one-fifth of UWM students have signed up for the text message alerts and the school is making a push to get more to register.

UW-Madison will also urge freshmen at their orientations to sign up for cell phone crime alerts, but they won't be available to parents yet.

Madison is still reeling from the murder of student Brittany Zimmermann April 2, and they still haven't found the killer of Whitewater student Kelly Nolan, who was slain in downtown Madison a year ago.

At Marquette, where students were robbed at gunpoint last spring, parents were nervous about their youngsters moving into a new dormitory two miles off campus.

School police say they'll have a uniformed officer there and a free shuttle will run from the dorm to the campus 24-7.