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HUDSON SCHOOL DISTRICT: 6/10/08 Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2008

1. The regular meeting of the Hudson Board of Education was called to order by President Daniel Tjornehoj at approximately 6:30 p.m. in the Hudson High School Auditorium, 1501 Vine St., Hudson, WI. Members present: Brian Bell, Mark Kaisersatt, Lynn Robson, Tom Holland, Daniel Tjornehoj, and Barbara Van Loenen. Administrators in attendance included Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten, Director of Financial Services Tim Erickson, Director of Learning Services Sandra Kovatch and Director of Student Services Barbara Rebhuhn.

2. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

3. Holland requested the expenditures (including expenditures to Camp St. Croix) be removed from the consent items and be moved to agenda item 11.b. Kaisersatt moved, with second by Van Loenen, to approve the revised Agenda. Motion passed 6-0.

4. Scott Ellingson, representing the West Central Education Association, presented the Board with a donation to the Gateway, connecting River Crest Elementary and YMCA-Camp St. Croix.

5. a. Kovatch recognized the High School Destination Imagination Team for winning first place in the global competition.

5.b. The boys' tennis team and the boys' and girls' track teams were recognized for their successful seasons and state competitions.

5.c. Kovatch recognized the Middle School Stock Market Teams for placing 6th and 7th in the national competition.

6. Brandon C. Crockett, Nicholas P. Filipiak, Nathan T. Kovatch, Andrew D. Olson, Michael J. Perucca, Jacob I. Walczak and Samuel T. Wegleitner each spoke to the Board apologizing for their involvement in last year's vandalism at Hudson High School and neighboring high schools.

7. Holland moved, with second by Robson, to approve the May 13, 2008 regular and closed session Board of Education meeting minutes. Motion passed 6-0.

8. Holland noted receipt of a thank-you note from retired teacher Diane Carter.

9.a. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten highlighted the water efficiency and high priority for indoor air quality at River Crest Elementary. She reported the use of water-reducing restroom fixtures (waterless urinals and dual flush toilets) is estimated to result in a 40% savings in water usage. She also noted that indoor air quality at River Crest is achieved by the use of low or no volatile organic compound adhesives, paints, flooring, carpeting and furniture. In addition, use of diesel fueled construction equipment is restricted. The classroom air supply systems will use 100% outside air.

9.b. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten reviewed the plan for the opening of River Crest and reported that the office move-in is scheduled to occur in mid-July. There are two furniture moves scheduled for July 21 and August 4. Substantial completion of the building is estimated for August 4. The Meet the Teacher Night is scheduled for August 27 from 5:30-7:30 pm and the Dedication Day-Designing for the Future, is set for Saturday, September 27 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

10.a. Tjornehoj reviewed the 2008-09 Board Committee assignments: Governance & Policy chaired by Dan Tjornehoj; Facilities & Grounds chaired by Tom Holland; Finance chaired by Brian Bell; Learning and Program Development chaired by Barb Van Loenen; and Personnel & Negotiations chaired by Mark Kaisersatt.

10.b. Tjornehoj presented the 2008-09 Board of Education meeting dates. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten noted that, beginning in October, Board meetings will be held in the River Crest multi-purpose room.

10.c. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten reviewed the history of construction projects at the High School and presented program concerns which provide challenges for the continued delivery of a quality educational program at the current facility, including limited size of some classrooms, limited access to technology, and the need for equipment modernization.

High School Principal Ed Lucas reviewed specific current and future program concerns and challenges in each area of the High School building, including the core facilities: classrooms, library media center, auditorium, computer labs, cafeteria, gymnasiums, hallways, parking, entrances, offices, lockers, restrooms, and storage space. He also explained how the inadequate program space impacts the foundational content areas of English, math, social studies, science, world languages, art, music; and other content areas such as business education, family & consumer education, physical education, technology education, and special education.

11.a. Bell moved, with second by Kaisersatt, to approve the consent items which included the personnel report (Attachment A); Policy #5201: Students with Food Allergies/Special Dietary Needs; a transportation agreement with the River Falls School District; parent transportation agreements; and a lease agreement with BRIDGE for Hudson Youth, Inc. Motion passed 6-0.

Holland excused himself from the meeting.

11.b. Bell moved, with second by Van Loenen, to approve expenditures in the amount of $2,907,559.75, receipts in the amount of $444,661.69, payroll in the amount of $2,297,688.16, EFT/ACH payments in the amount of $857,347.33. Motion passed 5-0.

11.c. Bell moved, with second by Robson, to approve a one year agreement between the Hudson School District and YMCA of Greater St. Paul/Camp St. Croix for utilization of facilities at River Crest Elementary School. Motion passed 5-0.

Holland rejoined the meeting.

11.d. Bell moved, with second by Kaisersatt, to ratify the 2007-09 Master Agreement between the School District of Hudson and the West Central Education Association-Custodial Unit. Motion passed 6-0.

12.a. Kaisersatt reported the Personnel Committee reviewed revised job specification for the Athletic/Activities Director position and held a Closed Session to discuss the custodial contract.

12.b. Holland reported the Facilities and Grounds Committee reviewed the committee commission statement; heard a River Crest construction update; reviewed summer facility projects and planning projects for 2008-09; heard a report of 6-12 space for learning concerns; and discussed energy management planning.

12.c. Bell reported the Finance Committee discussed reducing expenditures by refinancing general obligation bonds at a lower interest rate; implementing a paperless payroll; the School Age Care program budget; financing of capital projects; and reviewed a facility agreement with YMCA of Greater St. Paul/Camp St. Croix.

13.-14. No citizens spoke to the Board.

15. Bell moved, with second by Kaisersatt, to adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85 (1)(f) for the purpose of preliminary consideration of specific personnel problems and investigation of charges against an employee. On a roll call vote, the Clerk recorded the following: Bell-yes, Holland-yes, Kaisersatt-yes, Robson-yes, Tjornehoj-yes, Van Loenen-yes. Motion passed 6-0.

Tom Holland, Clerk

(Pub. July 17)