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Investigation continues into Tomahawk explosion that killed three

An investigation continues into a paper mill explosion near Tomahawk that killed three workers and injured another.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at the Packaging Corporation of America.

The firm said the three men were doing maintenance work on top of a storage tank for recycled fiber, when the tank blew up.

The injured employee was standing on a platform near the bottom of the tank. The unit did not start on fire.

The victims' names were not immediately released.

Company spokesman Ron Zimmerman said up to 10 people were working in the storage tank area but he wasn't sure how many were in the building itself at the time of the blast.

The main part of the plant kept going.

Jack Huston chairs the Lincoln County town of Bradley where the paper mill is located.

He has worked there for 46 years, and says the plant has had a consistently good safety record. Zimmermann said one of the workers was there for just a short time, and the others served for more than five years.

Four hundred twenty-six people are employed at the Packaging Corporation's Tomahawk plant. The plant is one of four mills that make corrugated paper for the firm's packaging and container-board products.

The company runs more than 70 plants in 26 states, including eight in Wisconsin. It's based in Lake Forest, Illinois, north of Chicago.