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Wisconsin roads in for bumpy ride say officials

It could be a bumpy ride on Wisconsin highways for a long time to come.

The heavy snow last winter, the June floods, and higher fuel and construction costs have done quite a number on local highway budgets

David Vieth says the state Department of Transportation has scaled back some of its summer projects to fix broken pavement and remove debris from the storms.

Nine of 13 southern Wisconsin counties have used up their snow removal and highway maintenance budgets for the year.

While federal money could pay some of the costs, many counties are tapping funds that were supposed to be used for other things.

Daniel Fedderly of the Wisconsin County Highway Association says the overall situation is the worst he's seen in his 30 years in the road business.

In Jefferson County, one of the last places where the flood waters receded, they're still trying to figure out which projects will have to be scrapped.

Highway Commissioner Bill Kern said a lot of road work was suspended for a month as employees focused on sand-bagging and keeping roads open.

Lafayette County commissioner Tom Jean says his equipment is wearing down along with the roads.

He says new machinery will have to be put off because "there's no money out there."