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Trooper Brown of Hudson receives service award

State Trooper Larry Brown of Hudson received a commendable service award Wednesday in Madison from Superintendent David Collins. Brown received the award for, "extraordinary knowledge and skill in detecting criminal activity." A total of 11 State Troopers were honored in the Governor's Conference Room at the capitol.

State Patrol Superintendent David Collins said, "All members of the State Patrol are devoted to improving highway and public safety. But the members of the State Patrol who received special awards have demonstrated exceptional service and courage under extremely stressful conditions. Their achievements go well above and beyond their normal duties."

Of Trooper Brown it was said: Throughout his career, Trooper Brown during routine traffic stops has displayed extraordinary knowledge and skill in detecting criminal activity.

He has uncovered and seized illegal drugs and weapons, and he has identified and apprehended subjects wanted by law enforcement agencies. Trooper Brown is a leader in the State Patrol's criminal interdiction efforts and readily shares his experience with fellow officers. His testimony also has solid credibility in state and federal court systems. For his efforts to protect public safety, Trooper Hudson of the Northwest Region-Eau Claire Post was presented a Commendable Service Award.