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Library referendum: 'as binding as it gets'

Correction: Library editorial

In an editorial in the Sept. 18 issue of the Star-Observer about the proposed library, it was stated that the referendum on Nov. 4 is not binding.

In fact, the referendum would be binding if all contingencies fall into place.

According to Hudson Mayor Dean Knudson, the referendum is "as binding as it gets."

Several things, of course, must fall into place. First, all referendum questions would have to pass in the four municipalities involved (city of Hudson, village of North Hudson, town of Hudson and town of St. Joseph).

If all pass, the only remaining contingency would be the raising of $4 million-plus in private funds. In other words, municipal leaders and taxpayers would be committed to funding their share of the $9.5 million-plus project.

Municipal details for funding the project -- if the referendums pass and private funds are raised -- have already been determined. Knudson said finance details had to be negotiated up front, otherwise it would be difficult for library supporters to raise funds if the municipal decision regarding the project was undetermined.

The Star-Observer apologizes for any misinformation in the Sept. 18 editorial.