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Trout and salmon staging for their fall finale

Trout and salmon staging for their fall finale

Wisconsin's woodlands are getting ready for their annual show of colors, but they're not the only show in town.

Wisconsin's waters are preparing their own annual fall show -- the trout and salmon spawning runs.

"October is a great time for fishing and for 'fish watching' in the rivers as jumping salmon put on quite a show," says Matt Coffaro, DNR fisheries biologist.

"In the Milwaukee area, the Chinook are already starting to stage around the harbors and river mouths in anticipation of their spawning runs which should peak in early October," he added.

Throughout Wisconsin, there's fish watching to be had as trout and salmon begin their yearly ritual of returning to spawn in the fall, according to DNR wildlife officials.

Some of the best viewing is at the DNR's three egg collection facilities where visitors a chance to see some big "king" (chinook) and coho salmon, and egg taking up-close.

Every year, for example, as many as 6,000 chinook and 2,000 coho pass through the weir (dam) at the Root River Steelhead facility in Racine.

"From now until early November, we'll have the weir fired up. It's a show watching fish swim up the ladder and into the facility," says John Komassa, facility supervisor. "You also can see DNR crews weighing, measuring and spawning the fish."