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Dumpster fire leads to smoke inside Willow River Elementary

A dumpster fire was reported around 5 p.m. Sunday in the recycling dumpster at Willow River School, 1118 Fourth St.

The Hudson Fire Department responded to the call and the fire was contained in the dumpster which is located on Fifth Street near Oak Street at the rear of the building.

School district spokeswoman Tracy Habisch-Ahlin said while there was no fire inside the school, smoke did enter the building.

Restoration Professionals, a fire cleaning service, were on site by Sunday night. "Air scrubbers" were being used to remove the smoke smell from the building including three classrooms. The work was expected to be completed by end of day on Monday.

Students from the three classrooms used alternative spaces on Monday but were expected to be back in their regular classrooms by Tuesday according to Habisch-Ahlin.

This is the third small fire in the area of the school since the summer. The Hudson Fire Department is investigating.