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Man died day after benefit party

In the end, Ronald "Rudy" Rudolph just wanted to see his daughter, Amelia Ann Pitt, one more time and be sure she was in good stead, before he could finally succumb to cancer.

Once that was accomplished, he felt he could pass away in peace, say his friends. Rudolph, 59, died the day after a benefit was thrown on his behalf, and for the welfare of Pitt, who is 19. A trust is being set up for her.

The benefit was held at the Mallalieu Inn in North Hudson on Saturday, Sept. 20, and featured a raffle and drawings for prizes such as bottles of wine, and a spaghetti dinner. It raised $3,000, although more raffle ticket money is coming in. The winner of the raffle will be named on Oct. 18 at the inn. People need not be present to win, and they can purchase tickets from either the inn or Bob Smith's Sports Club or Pudge's, until the drawing date.

About 20 to 25 donors gave prizes and about 150 people attended the benefit, said a friend, Spencer Miller, who helped organize it.

"Rudy was a crazy, fun guy, a jokester," Miller said. He retired after a disabling leg injury and had worked at Andersen Windows and Twin States Music.

Rudolph had liver cancer and was on a donor's list when the disease spread to his lymph nodes. "The doctors said that he had two weeks to two months to live," said friend Bob Fuhrmann, who had known Rudolph for 15 years.

Rudolph decided not to undergo chemotherapy since it's unlikely it would have saved his life. "He just decided to enjoy what time he had left and make sure that his daughter and others were taken care of."