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Kelley artwork will be auctioned

This original painting by local artist Rick Kelley will commemorate the PWT event in Hudson. The art will be auctioned Saturday night during the PWT awards banquet. There will also be limited editions available for purchase by the public too.

Another part of the PWT and Spirit of the St. Croix Days event will involve local artist Rick Kelley, who will create original art pieces of the St. Croix River commemorating the event.

One painting will be available before the event, and a second painting will be done during the event. Visitors may watch Kelley create this second piece of artwork during the public events in the park.

The original pieces will be auctioned off Saturday night during the PWT awards banquet.

As a result of the PWT presence, Hudson and the St. Croix River Valley will be featured on national sporting channels throughout 2008 and 2009, as well as regional and national media publications as a place for tourism and fishing. The public will also be able to purchase entry passes to the PWT year-end award banquet Saturday evening, Oct. 18, for $25 each (available at the Chamber office).