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Federal grand jury indicts truck driver involved in Chippewa Falls High band bus crash

A truck driver found criminally innocent by a St. Croix County jury of causing a 2005 crash that killed five people with the Chippewa Falls High School band is now charged with falsifying his driving records.

A federal grand jury in Madison has indicted Michael Kozlowski, 25, of Schererville, Ind.

Prosecutors said he falsely logged 10 hours of sleep time on 12 occasions from August-October of 2005, thus driving longer than he was allowed by law.

A year ago, a jury found Kozlowski innocent on numerous state charges of negligent homicide and causing injuries by reckless driving.

That was after his rig landed in the opposite lanes of Interstate 94 near Osseo - and the approaching Chippewa Falls band bus hit the truck, killing five and injuring 29.

Victims have filed around 10 civil damage suits.

Last month, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled that Kozlowski fell asleep just before the crash and the rig overturned when he swerved back onto the road.

The Safety Board said new technology in its early stages may prevent such fatigue-causing accidents.