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County official's husband issued a temporary restraining order

The spouse of a county official has been ordered to keep good distance from a candidate for St. Croix County Register of Deeds until after the Nov. 4 election.

Sheriff Dennis Hillstead said he served a temporary restraining order Friday on Pat Walsh, husband of Kay Walsh, long-time register of deeds who has announced her retirement at the end of the current term.

Beth Pabst, who won the Democratic primary for the post in April, requested the restraining order.

The order, signed by Judge Eric J. Lundell Oct. 22, followed an incident in the parking lot at the government center, said Hillstead.

Walsh has, "with great frequency over the past 10 days made appearances at the government center and become boisterous and unreasonably loud in his speech," court records said. Walsh also distributed a document that said, "Beth Pabst did not run an honest campaign for St. Croix County Register of Deeds."

Pabst said she was fearful of continued contact with Walsh. Hillstead said that Walsh apparently took umbrage with the language in Pabst's campaign literature and claimed it made derogatory comments about his wife.

Pabst works in the office of planning and zoning on the first floor of the government building. The sheriff assigned a deputy to patrol the first floor for extra security Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The extra duty was discontinued Monday.

Democrat Pabst is running unopposed, however Geri Campbell, first deputy register of deeds who lost to Pabst in September primary by a 1,544 - 1,423 margin, has initiated a write-in campaign for the position.

The restraining order said Walsh must avoid an area within 1,000 feet of the government center, Pabst, her vehicles or property. He was also prohibited from being within 500 feet of any campaign through Nov. 4. The order is effective until Nov. 5. A hearing is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Nov. 4.