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Work continues to refill and restock Lake Delton

Work continues on efforts to refill Lake Delton.

It's not just water that needs to be put back in the lake though.

The breach that drained Lake Delton in June also means the Department of Natural Resources will have to rebuild the fishery there from scratch.

DNR Biologist Tim Larson wants to get that process started be eliminating invasive species in the area.

The main concern is that carp could make their way into the water from Dell Creek.

The DNR plans to chemically treat the creek in early December to prevent unwanted species from entering the lake after it's refilled.

When it comes to getting species such as bluegill, crappie and smallmouth bass back into Lake Delton, Larson says the DNR will most likely have to buy fish to restock the lake.

That could cost upwards of $175,000 over the next three years and it's something the DNR currently doesn't have the budget for.

Larson says they may have to rely on private donations to get fish back in the water.