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Deer killed on deer farm because of CWD

Sixty-four deer have been killed at a central Wisconsin hunting preserve after one of them tested positive for chronic wasting disease.

It was a 7-year-old doe, shot in September at the Alligator Creek Whitetails game farm near Junction City in Portage County.

State agriculture officials negotiated with the herd's owner, who will get payments to cover part of the deer's appraised value.

The animals were shot Nov. 12-18, as required by law. Their tissue samples were sent to a lab for testing.

Agriculture officials announced the actions Tuesday.

The land is being monitored to make sure all the deer are gone. It must be fenced for at least five years to keep wild deer away.

Also, land with heavy deer traffic will have its topsoil replaced.

All farm-raised deer are required to be tested for CWD when they're killed and that's how the diseased animal came to light

The infected herd was the first of its kind to be found in Wisconsin in almost four years.

Ninety-seven farm-raised deer have tested positive for CWD. All but 15 of those were from a farm in a different part of Portage County.