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Lake Delton to start getting water this week

Lake Delton will start getting refilled as early as this week.

It's been empty since June 9, when heavy rains and swelling waters formed a channel.

It flushed the lake down the Wisconsin River and took all or parts of five homes with it.

The floods also wiped out part of the nearby County Trunk A.

That's been rebuilt and workers have reinforced the shorelines and the Lake Delton Dam.

Village Trustee Tom Diehl says the only thing that's needed now is for the water to return.

As early as Wednesday, the state Department of Natural Resources plans to close the Mirror Lake and Lake Delton dams so carp can be trapped and wiped out, thus giving more desirable fish a better chance to survive in the new lake.

Once the old fish are gone, the Mirror Lake Dam will reopen and the Lake Delton Dam will stay closed, thus allowing Dell Creek to move water back into the lake.

The DNR's Andy Morton says the whole lake should return by next May.

Resort owners say they can't wait.

The Sunset Bay Resort lost 40 percent of its normal revenues last summer. And Diehl, who runs the Tommy Bartlett Water Show, said he lost 90 percent while trying to keep a stage and air show going.