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Attorney: County has no recourse for leaking walls

It's too late to pursue legal action for possible faulty design or careless workmanship that may have led to water damage in the walls of the St. Croix County Government Center.

Instead Finance Committee members agreed last week to follow a gentler course and ask the design and construction companies to help fix the damage. The committee also authorized a two-stage process to begin repair work.

Earlier this fall, contractors preparing to replace the Government Center roof found some of the building's leaks are related to either the design or construction of the walls.

The estimate for wall repairs that should be done ahead of or along with the roof work is about $240,000. No estimates are yet available for work that may be needed on other sides of the building.

Corporation Counsel Greg Timmerman said last Thursday that other attorneys have advised him any legal action for faulty design or workmanship should have been filed within 10 years of the completion of the building.

For more on the story, see Dec. 11 print edition of the Star-Observer. It will be in stores on Wednesday.