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ICE cards are for emergencies

"In case of emergency" cards are available from local law enforcement agencies including North Hudson PD. The cards include important emergency information for vehicles.

Ice is more than an inconvenience on the road or a convenience in drinks -- it has an emergency notice connotation.

North Hudson Trustee George Klein introduced an ICE card at the Village Board meeting last Tuesday and sang its praises.

ICE is an acronym for "in case of emergency." The 4-by-5-inch card includes information to be used by law enforcement and medical personnel to contact relatives in case of a traffic mishap.

"I have one in both of my vehicles and two motorcycles," said Klein and encouraged all residents to do the same.

Klein, the chairman of the Public Safety Committee, pointed out it is a national program so well-known that his new cell phone model includes a contact for ICE in its menu.

Cards are available from the North Hudson Police Department, Hudson PD and St. Croix County Sheriff's Department.