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DNR wants ice fisherman to follow VHS rules

As ice fishing begins in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reminds anglers to follow the rules to stop the spread of the fish-killing VHS virus.

It's been about a year-and-a-half since the state first banned the transfers of live fish from one waterway to another.

But according to a University of Wisconsin-Madison Badger Poll from October, just 42 percent said they obeyed the rule against fish movements.

The DNR's Mike Staggs says anglers must do better to make sure VHS does not spread to other state waters.

And that's especially important in the winter, since VHS is most active when the water's cold.

The virus has spread from the east.

The first Wisconsin discovery was in early 2007 in the Lake Winnebago system. It was found in Lake Michigan a short time later.

VHS can kill up to three-dozen species of fish. And officials say it poses a serious threat to Wisconsin's multi-million-dollar fishing industry.