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Million dollar state government Web site has Minneapolis skyline

The capital of Wisconsin is ... Minneapolis?

A state government Web site that candidates are using to post their financial information has Madison's Capitol dome on its home page, next to the skyline of Minnesota's largest city.

The Government Accountability Board paid $1 million to have a Connecticut group develop the Web site.

PCC vice president Joe Singh said the Minneapolis skyline was only something to start with.

They're looking for an image of Madison's skyline that doesn't have a copyright fee.

Singh promises an update in January.

Some candidates used the financial reporting site on a pilot basis this fall.

Everyone will have to start using it next year, once some glitches are worked out.

State Sen. Jeff Plale of D-South Milwaukee discovered the Minneapolis skyline goof and the Journal Sentinel broke the story Monday.

An aide to former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist joked that Wisconsin does not need to outsource its skyline.