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Local Girl Scouts earn awards

Katie Mahler, left, and Sarah Hager of Junior Girl Scout Troop 50433 in Hudson wear smiles of achievement after spending some 100 hours over the summer working toward earning their Bronze Awards. Photo by Jon Echternacht

Hudson Junior Girls Scouts Katie Mahler and Sarah Hager devoted much of their summer vacation time to sewing projects to earn their Bronze Awards.

"We figured out they put in about 100 hours," said Teri Hager, who is Troop 50433 Scout leader. The three related the summer experience during a conversation at the Star-Observer office on the coldest day of the year last week.

Both Katie and Sarah had portable sewing machines and they set up shop at one or the other's house for two- to four-hour sessions constructing "I Spy pockets" and "tie blankets" out of felt material.

"We made 75 I Spy pockets," said Sarah.

"And 30 tie blankets," said Katie.

Both said the project took up a large amount of time out of their summer weekends.

The pockets are little pillow-like affairs with surprises hidden inside. They were donated to the emergency room at Hudson Hospital to comfort youngsters at the medical facility.

The tie blankets are a baby-sized comforter made out of felt with tied fringe around the edges to hold two layers together. The blankets were donated to the maternity ward at the hospital for newborn babies.

"It was fun," said Sarah in retrospect.

"I felt good for doing it," said Katie.

Sarah, 11, and Katie, 10, are fifth-grade students at the new River Crest Elementary School on the south side of Hudson. They both sport five one-year pins on their Girl Scout vests that signify each year they have belonged to the organization. They started in kindergarten and plan to continue through their senior year in high school.

The Bronze Award project is the first in a series of three awards in the Girl Scout program that get progressively more time-consuming, said Teri Hager. When the girls reach grades 7, 8 and 9, and are Cadets, they will work on a Silver Award.

In their sophomore, junior and senior years they will become Senior Girl Scouts and work on a Gold Award.

For more information on Girl Scouts USA, go to on the Web or call (800) 478-7248 for the national office or (651) 227-8835 or (800) 845-0787 for the office of Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys.