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Chief Justice has staggering lead in campaign cash over opponent

Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson has 56 times more campaign cash than her State Supreme Court challenger. That's according to their finance reports released Monday.

Abrahamson, who's been on the court since 1976, had almost $823,000 in her campaign fund at the end of December. Her opponent, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Randy Koschnick, had just $15,000.

Seamus Flaherty of the Koschnick camp said he knew it would be a "David and Goliath" situation. He vowed to be competitive in the final few weeks of the race, when voters are most likely to make up their minds.

Koschnick's campaign took a huge hit last week when the state's largest business group said it would not get involved.

The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce spent millions in the last two years to help conservatives Annette Ziegler and Michael Gableman get elected. Meanwhile, Concordia professor Van Mobley is the money-leader so far among the five candidates for state public school superintendent.

He had $61,000 at the end of December, and deputy superintendent Tony Evers was next with $44,000.

More current finance reports from that race are due out next week. The primary is two weeks from today.