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Caution issued for joggers and speeders, especially after dark

The pitch black nights and high snow banks in the winter of 2008-09 have prompted some words of caution for North Hudson residents from the Board of Trustees.

Trustee George Klein told the board at its Feb. 3 meeting that he had received a number of phone calls from his constituents concerned that joggers, runners, dog walkers and others who venture out into the dark village streets are very hard for motorists to see.

The situation prompted Klein to issue a general safety warning for those hardy residents who walk, run or jog, "before sun-up and after sunset - please wear something reflective."

"You can buy a reflective vest or just get a role of reflective tape and put an X on your back," Klein said.

Trustee Sandra Whalen urged drivers to "please slow down" on the village byways as she was nearly clipped at her mailbox on Helen Street by a fast-moving car.

Klein followed up with an invitation to anyone who observes someone traveling at excessive speed in the village to at least get a description of the car and phone it into the police department.