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Will county get stimulus money?

Federal economic stimulus money may help pay for some of the repair work planned for the St. Croix County Government Center.

"It's an outside chance at best," admitted Administrative Coordinator Chuck Whiting last week. He said he included these projects on a list the county submitted to the state.

It's possible the county could get funding for the projects because they will be ready to start within 90 days and because they aren't actually included in the current budget, said Whiting.

"This whole thing is making me feel like another pig; let's get up to the trough," responded Finance Committee Chairman Daryl Standafer of applying for stimulus funds. "I think we should deal with what we know."

It would be unfortunate if county residents paid more "simply because we didn't play the game as smart as (other government boards) did," replied Supervisor Buck Malick, town of Hudson.

Committee members agreed they don't want to delay the projects and will go ahead with the work as planned.

"We know we have to do this project no matter what," said Supervisor Sharon Norton-Bauman, Hudson.