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Dike road name change removed from Park Board agenda

City officials appeared ready to discuss a possible name change for the dike road a few weeks ago.

Consideration of a new name for the road and walkway into the St. Croix River was on the original agenda for the Park Board's Feb. 3 meeting.

In a phone call Tuesday, Debbie Andrews, administrative assistant for the Public Works and Parks Department, said the discussion was removed from the agenda by Park Board Chairman Patrick Casanova.

Andrews said Casanova was concerned that changing the name of the road could jeopardize state funding for repairs to the road and the short bridge leading to it.

City Council member Lee Wyland, also a member of the Park Board, had asked for the discussion to be put on the agenda, according to Andrews.

In a telephone call last week, Mayor Dean Knudson said there has long been talk about renaming the informally named dike road to more accurately reflex its use.

While it once served as the U.S. Hwy. 12 link between Hudson and Minnesota, the road hasn't been open to traffic since sometime around 1970. Old-timers can remember driving to the end of the dike to go swimming there.

The dike road was built in conjunction with the toll bridge that stood at the west end of it from 1913 to 1951.

The toll bridge was removed after a new Interstate 94 bridge across the St. Croix River opened in November 1951.

Knudson said some have suggested that a name like "River Walk" would be more fitting for the road, which, except for police and emergency vehicles, really isn't a road.

To further complicate matters, the bridge leading to the dike road is called the Walnut Street Bridge.