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Chief Justice brings campaign to Hudson

Shirley S. Abrahamson

Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson visited Hudson Thursday, Feb. 26 promoting a couple of pet projects, and also campaigning for her run against challenger Judge Randy Koschnick in the April 7 spring election.

Abrahamson prides herself in being, what she calls, "non-partisan, neutral, independent and fair." She is concerned, however, in a recent trend that has seen the Supreme Court races become more politicized. In fact, the two most recent judges elected to the Supreme Court have been backed by conservative groups, Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler and Justice Michael J. Gableman.

Abrahamson, who was first appointed to the Supreme Court by Democrat Gov. Patrick Lucey in 1976, is often considered the favorite of Democrats.

In this race, Koschnick is being promoted as the conservative's choice, but Abrahamson said that her non-partisan role has led to support from both conservatives and liberals. Among her list of conservative supporters are former Republican Gov. Scott McCallum, former Republican Congressman Melvin Laird, former first lady Sue Ann Thompson (wife of former republican Gov. Tommy Thompson) and businessman and top GOP donor Herbert Kohler.

Abrahamson also announced last week that she has the endorsements of 70 police chiefs from across the state of Wisconsin, including Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen.

"I have support across the board because I am impartial," Abrahamson said.

For the complete interview, see the March 5 edition of the Star-Observer.