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HPD to be on the lookout for DWI, seatbelt violators during St. Pat's week

The Hudson Police Department will step up safety belt and drunken driving enforcement during St. Patrick's Day period from March 13 to 20.

The increased enforcement is part of a $10,000 grant that the HPD received from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Safety.

"Our intensified traffic safety enforcement during the St. Patrick's Day holiday period and throughout the year will help save lives and reduce serious injuries from crashes," said Sgt. Jason Muenich. "Our goal is to increase voluntary compliance with traffic safety laws; not to write more seat belt tickets or make more drunken driving arrests. We are serious about traffic safety enforcement because far too many lives are destroyed needlessly by drunken driving and not wearing safety belts. Any preventable traffic death or injury is one too many."

For more information contact the Hudson Police Department at (715)386-4771.