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Alcohol compliance checks go well

The St. Croix Underage Drinking Coalition completed its sixth annual wave of compliance checks in several county municipalities the weekend of Feb. 20.

A compliance check is a tool to identify alcohol establishments that sell alcohol to underage youth. Compliance checks are used for two purposes:

  • To identify, warn and educate establishments that serve or sell alcohol to underage people.
  • To enforce state laws, local ordinances, or both, which are related to those illegal sales.

    The coalition has developed a comprehensive compliance check program that identifies infractions of state law, as well as training opportunities, and is the largest consortium in Wisconsin.

    The St. Croix Underage Drinking Coalition's program follows state and federal guidelines for conducting compliance investigations. Funding comes from grants awarded by the Wisconsin State Patrol, Bureau of Transportation Safety.

    This year the coalition is not checking all establishments in the county at one time. Instead, multiple waves are completed throughout the year, with each establishment being checked at least once. Officials say this allows for more accurate data collection and more constant presence in the community.

    The SCUDC completed the round of compliance checks using volunteers between the ages of 18 and 20.

    St. Croix County results include:


    Passed: Dick's Bar, Barker's Bar & Grill, Pier 500, Sport's Club, Pudge's Bar & Liquor Store, San Pedro Café, Hotel Dibbo, Hudson Bowling Center, Hudson House Inn, Casanova Liquor Store, Green Mill, Applebee's, The Nova, Coop's Pizza, La Fiesta Mexicana, Ellie's on Main, Buffalo Wild Wings, Spirit Seller, Key's Café, Pizza Hut, Dragon Pearl, Northland Liquors, Chicone's Liquor Mart, Dough Boys Pizza and Brick's Neapolitan Pizza.

    Not checked: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Winzer Stube and Hudson Golf Club.

    Failed: Kingdom Buffet, JW Kaladi's Gourmet Express and Hudson Liquor.


    Passed: Rendezvous Bar, B&J Hardware, Sportsman's Bar & Grill, Liquor Depot, MacDaddy's Bar, General Sam's Sports Bar and Apple River Liquor Store.

    Not checked: Country Nights Bar and Float Rite Park.

    St. Croix County

    Passed: MR Convenience Store and Guv's Place.

    The number of successful establishments increased from the last wave. About 84 percent of the establishments checked were successful in limiting access to alcohol by underage people, 5 percent failed to limit access and 10.50 percent in the designated areas were not checked.

    The St. Croix Underage Drinking Coalition will continue to conduct compliance checks throughout 2009.

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