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Town of St. Joseph second supervisor is a contested race

Ted Anderson, left, and Kevin Moelter, candidates for supervisor No. 2 position

Four positions are on the April 7 ballot in the town St. Joseph including contested races for chairperson and supervisor No. 2.

Incumbent chair Theresa Johnson is challenged by Kevin Adkins, and incumbent supervisor Kevin Moelter faces off with Ted Anderson for spots on the five-member panel.

Incumbent supervisor No. 4 Rick Colbeth and clerk/treasurer Marie Schmit are running unopposed.

Kevin Moelter, 57, grew up in Stillwater, where he graduated from high school in 1970, followed by a stint at UW-River Falls. He retired from Andersen Corp. in 2006 after 35 years in the company. In 1984 he and his family moved to the town of St. Joseph.

Ted Anderson, 63, graduated from Hutchinson (Minn.) High School in 1964 and attended the University of Minnesota. He and his family moved to St. Joseph 31 years ago and built the house they have lived in since 1978. He recently retired from a Minnesota state government job.

Moelter is concerned about urban sprawl.

"The rural character of the town is what is important to me. Like so many other residents, I do not want to see the town of St. Joseph turn into another Woodbury, Minn.," he said. "We have the ordinance in place that will help protect our town from over development."

Anderson classifies himself as a public speaker for people's rights. He is an advocate primarily for property owners to have a choice on how to sell their land.

Anderson, who owns 125 acres, said he and other land owners like him should have more say in how they can sell their land. "I want the right to sell property as I so choose," he said.

Moelter said that St. Joseph should follow the lead of the town of Troy and give property owners the choice to participate in developing the ordinance. "I believe we will have greater participation if the wording of the ordinance is a choice," he said.

Along the same lines, Anderson said he would like to see a more specific agenda for the Planning Commission. "I'd like to see the people involved in what the Planning Commission works on next ... a specific plan to pursue for the next year," he said.

Anderson also wants to encourage more residents to take part in the town meetings. "If we make the meetings more interesting, more people might choose to attend," he said.

Moelter served as a member of the Stillwater Fire Department for 15 years and is a certified incident commander. He wants a plan started for upgrades to the town hall and fire hall.

"Priority should be given to the fire department that is currently in need of space," he said. "Fiscal planning for expansion should be part of any program developed, with the majority of funding in place before work begins."

Upgrading town roads is another issue on Moelter's agenda. "Being an avid motorcycle rider, I appreciate that most roads are blacktopped. I want to see our roads maintained to the highest standards we can afford. With limited funds, we will do what we can," he said.

Anderson also has an issue with the town roads. "I would also like to see a systematic plan for road repair and upkeep," he said.

Moelter called for a close eye on the budget. "These times require our town leaders be especially prudent in the spending of our limited funds," he said.


Kevin Adkins, candidate for chair on the town of St. Joseph board, wanted to make clear his position on proposed sub-committees. "I will form citizen sub-committees not only for the Plan Commission but also the Town Board," he said in an e-mail to the Star-Observer last week.