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Jermal gets educator award

Lynn Jermal

Lynn Jermal of Hudson, a professor in the art department at UW-River Falls, received the Friends of International Education Global Educator Award last month in Madison.

Jermal received her award for contributions to global/international education. Her art education students develop a model for teaching art that includes a global emphasis in their art curriculum.

Jermal is also involved in several international study programs at UW-River Falls, including Semester Abroad-Europe. She will take a group of students to Europe in 2010.

In addition, she has been involved in developing a relationship with the China Exploration and Research Society in southwestern China, founded by a UW-RF alumnus and international explorer, Wong How Man. The center incorporates students in conservation work on the Tibetan Plateau and other areas in need in southwest Asia.

This summer, Jermal will be part of a team from UW-River Falls that will spend a month working on the collection and display of Lisu and Li artifacts to retain their cultural history.