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Learning to drive defensively

Public Safety commission member Dale Willi, right, with fellow commission member Tom Redner, in the passenger seat, got a chance to drive a Hudson Police Department squad car as part of their training in the Citizen Police Academy. Photo by Meg Heaton

Members of the Hudson Police Department's first Citizen Police Academy got the chance to drive a squad car and learn something about emergency driving techniques last week at an exercise held in the parking lot of the former dogtrack.

Lt. Paul Larson taught participants several things about how to quickly but safely maneuver a police car around an obstacle course, both forward and backward.

Upcoming classes include crime scene investigation, the use of deadly force and defense and arrest tactics. Participants are city council members Lori Bernard, Lee Wyland, Randy Morrissette and Pam Brokaw, city treasurer Betty Caruso and Public Safety Commission members Tom Redner, Dale Willi and Mary Yacoub.

HPD Chief Marty Jensen said he expects that members of the public will be able to participate in another Citizen Police Academy in the fall. A nominal fee will be charged. For more information contact the HPD at (715)386-4771.