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Sisters share love of dance

The whole family supports the dancing siblings. From the left in the front are Addisyn and Adrianna; back, Brookelle, Ralph, Breylyn and Ann (holding Avaree). Photo by Margaret Ontl

For five sisters, dancing is a dream come true that they want all girls to enjoy.

When Adrianna Harris was in kindergarten -- she is 10 now -- she found out a friend of hers could not afford dance lessons so she decided to help. That was the beginning of 5 Sisters Dance.

"All five of them started out by donating their allowances, baby-sitting money and birthday money," said their mother, Ann Harris. "They discovered that wasn't enough so they started to have fund-raising sales and talent shows."

Today, the 'sisters act' is spreading the word about the importance of dance and what a difference it has made in their lives. Dance can improve strength, flexibility, coordination and discipline, but it also has positive effects on self-esteem, self-respect and confidence.

"If you start when you are little, you realize you can build off your experience," said Brookelle, 15, a Raidaire at Hudson High School. "Now I realize I could be a coach someday."

Brelyn, 13, just qualified to join the dance team. Adrianna, 10, started the fund-raising effort, and Addisyn, 7, and Avaree, 5, already have years of dance experience.

"I just like it when you are on stage," said Brelyn. "You do your best."

Ann Harris estimates the girls have raised and distributed nearly $12,000 in the last five years, mostly in scholarships for dance lessons.

All of them take lessons from Helmer Dance Studio and will be performing their first sister dance at the spring recital, June 2-6, at the River Falls High School Auditorium.

There is a fund set up at the River Bank if people want to donate to 5 Sisters Dance.