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North Hudson volleyball courts cause stir

An extended use permit request for a volleyball court behind a local establishment caused a reaction from a nearby property owner at the North Hudson Village Board meeting last Tuesday.

Marc Zappa, a village trustee and owner of Mudd's and Sudd's, requested a temporary amendment to his liquor license to include the volleyball courts behind his building on the north edge of the village.

Kevin Adkins, owner of several apartment buildings behind the courts, made a plea for Zappa to put up higher fences around the area to limit stray balls and players who retrieve them from straying on his property.

Adkins asked for "some type of permanent fence to protect the value of the property and our liability." Currently a plastic snow-fence type of structure is in place, said Village Attorney Terry Dunst.

Zappa, who recused himself from his trustee duties while the matter was being discussed, said that some 20 years earlier a conditional use permit for the apartment housing said, "screening from the commercial property was required."

Adkins said he would plant trees on his lot line. Zappa said, "I'll do what needs to be done. I try to be responsible as best I can."

Adkins said, "Marc kept it clean and did everything right. All I've asked for is a fence."

As the discussion crumbled to the legal discussing of the specifics of conditional use permits, new Trustee Daryl Standafer suggested, "Maybe the two gentlemen can have a discussion and come up with an agreement."

Dunst said when Zappa comes back for a liquor license renewal request in a month it will include the specifics for the volleyball courts.

The board voted 6-0 to approve Zappa's request at the May 5 meeting.